Made in Stoke

Silverchild are a Bluesy Hard Rock four piece from Stoke-on Trent. Influenced by the Hard Rock legends of the 70s and crafted by their love of the Palm Desert Scene, they combine catchy riffs, fierce vocals and a heavy groove to create a sound that is uniquely anchored in both the past and the present. The band have been relentlessly gigging across the country for the past 5 years, growing and evolving their sound and taking inspiration from their experiences on the road . To date they have shared the stage with the likes of Orange Goblin, Mars Red Sky, Karma to Burn, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and Desert Storm.


Last year amid a sea of gigs, saw the release of their debut EP ‘Red Desert’ which was picked up and subsequently coveted by old and young rockers alike. Fast earning them a firm reputation as the new kids on the block and drawing acclaim from the likes of Terrorizer, More Fuzz and Planet Mosh.  



<<Vocals - Alex Hiley>>     <<Guitar - Vic Jepson>>     <<Bass- Max Ryles>>     <<Drums - Rich Beecher>>

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